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Welcome to Gen Search
This is a small company specializing in family history research in
Ohio, specifically southwest Ohio. I have easy access to many
historical records in Miami and surrounding counties (Shelby,
Champaign, Clark, Greene, Montgomery, Preble and Darke counties).
I also do research throughout the state and the country.

There are many reasons to hire a professional genealogical service.
Many people lack the time and expertise required. Others need
records or searches done in distant locales. Some simply do not know
where to start and this is where I come in.

Within a reasonable distance, I can come to your home, or other
meeting place if you prefer, and do a short interview to determine
what your goals are and the best place to start. If you are outside of
my local area, completion of a questionnaire will give me the
information necessary to get started.

You can, of course, get started on your own and you should.
the link for some resources on getting started.
Notice: This site is always under construction and new things are continually added. If
you find a link that doesn't work we would appreciate you telling us. Thanks.